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KiberПсих 04.06.2013 18:04

Makinero, http://vk.com/kiberinfinity

Makinero 04.06.2013 18:22

check the message VK

KiberПсих 04.06.2013 21:27

Makinero, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=pEHsV7qh

Makinero 04.06.2013 22:14


Сообщение от KiberПсих (Сообщение 62908)

And what do I do with this code?
If you could explain?:confused:

KiberПсих 05.06.2013 00:34

Makinero, Run.
In popup box enter links list of groups (copypast list from vk message), Clik on "OK"

Makinero 05.06.2013 00:38

I cleaned cookies and cache, restarted the browser and set the page with the groups and now the script to work (shown in the window /pop-up) :)

Very nice but if you can save separately (wall-) ?

save1 wall-12345
save2 wall-54321

KiberПсих 05.06.2013 00:57

Makinero, I'm too lazy for make save file dialog for each group

Makinero 05.06.2013 01:12

Laziness is a bad trait (joke) :) The work to which the reluctance sometimes come, or requires effort mental effort and time (programming?).
Expands Your imagination, ennobles:)
Okay. And you know why I wanted separately?
Because if I wanted to update the pictures of the groups I do not want to download everything again, etc.

Добавлено через 42 минуты
It stopped processing multiple links 45% / 18%
On the left - at the bottom says


Refreshing the page will lose links and complete processing!

You may need to add "small parts" list links xD

KiberПсих 05.06.2013 14:52

Makinero, if list of links very long (or many long walls (>300 posts) in list), browser may kill script with error "Sctipt terminated; Memory not enough"

If make files separately - it may be more unstable while save (one file - one save dialog, and it need confirm each file after when previous file will be saved).

May be add in one file line separators with links to groups ?

Makinero 05.06.2013 21:24

Everything OK. Just added a lot of links (not to lie it was with 800 links) hehe, I did not know that "swamped server" :)
But add 100 links and is well :) Of course, I do not use IDA or Download Master - the only other manager because such as IDA "crazy", suspend or becomes unstable with a large number of links.

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